Start of Something New

This could be start of something new! It feels so right to be here with you! Ohhh! Coming up with that title definitely made me burst into song with some old school High School Musical! Anyways, I am Jenna! This is my first blog and I am so excited to connect and share my love for teaching with other dedicated teachers out in blogland! 

Before I share a little about myself I would like to link up with the lovely Christina from Bunting, Books and Bainbridge! My first post and first linky! This sure is going to be an exciting ride!

There are so many wonderful blogs that I have been following over the past year or so that have inspired me to create a blog of my own. However, there is one in particular I would like to give a special shout out to! This special lady has an adorable blog and some stellar visual plans I look forward to every Sunday! If you are still guessing, it’s Jen from The Teacher’s Cauldron! 

Not only does she have a fabulous blog but she is extremely sweet and helpful! I went to her for some blogging advice and simply put she said “Just jump in!” And jumped is what I did! If for whatever reason you have not stumbled upon her blog yet, that MUST be your next step after liking my blog! She posted some adorable and extremely helpful summarizing cards and activities today for FREE!  

I will be back sometime tomorrow to share a little bit about myself! 

Little side note: This first post of mine was typed before I was presented with this little blog of mine! I got so excited and wanted to do what Jen said and jump in, but it’s hard to jump when there’s nowhere to jump to! But PTL its up and working and I couldn’t be more excited to start to this amazing journey!