Monthly Organization Bins

Happy Tuesday! Only three more days of summer school left for this teacher, who is in major need for some sleeping in days during the week! I am very excited to share with you an organizational tool I use in my classroom to keep all my monthly activities together. On Sunday I posted this picture on Instagram and was asked what I all keep inside of these bins!


So I started making a list of everything I had in my March bin. I looked at my December one and it was overflowing! It's also the home to Elf on the Shelf until December rolls around again. I wasn't quite sure I wanted to tackle that bin today. For a month with very few school days it's definitly one that's bursting with activities! Maybe I'll share that one later! However, most of my bins contain a lot of the same resources, just themed to a different month. As I created this list I couldn't be more thankful and blessed with the amazing teachers who have such an amazing talent to create such wonderful products! Here we go, in no particular order!

1. The Busy Teacher's Best Friend- March Addition

2. March Printables Pack

3. Spring Graphic Organizers

4. Imagination Buidling Prompt Cards

5. March Math Journal Prompts

6. March Writing Activities

7. March Super Sentences

8. Common Core Crunch March

9. Math Movers (Spring Edition)

10. Reading Comprehension Passages (Spring Edition)

11. St. Patrick's Day O' Fun

12. Marshmallow Math

13. Pot O' Gold Literacy and Math Units

14. Learning with Jamie O'Rourke

15. St. Patty's Day Pack O' Fun

16. Lucky Leprechaun Math Centers

17. Lucky Me! St. Patrick's Day Literacy Centers

18. Catch a Leprechaun Craftivity

19. Mix of March (Literacy Centers)

The awesome thing about most of these packs is that most of the creators have these monthly! I hope this has helped you see how I stay organized with my monthly activities. The wonderful Ashley of That's So Second Grade created the bin labels! If you are interested click on the picture to pick up your own! She also is creating labels for content areas as well. She has Math and Science finished so far and is working on making Social Studies and Language Arts!

Finally, there is something else I use to stay organized! Inside these bins I have a binder for each month as well! In the binders I keep more of the paper copies of worksheets so they are easy to find! I created these binder covers myself a couple months ago but never mentioned them on here. If you are interested in covers for your binders, head over to my store! 

One last picture before I go enjoy the rest of my afternoon! This was one of the most time consuming posts I have made and am quite proud of how it turned out! Meanwhile, this little guy has waited so patiently! I think it's time for a walk! Have a great afternoon!


Bloglovin' and Summerlovin!

First off, it is summer and I am all kinds of happy! The end of the year was pretty crazy for multiple reasons! Two Fridays ago was our last day of school as well as the day we closed on our house! Because the last day of school/the end of the year isn't crazy enough our relator decided we should close on that day as well! We had a half day that day with students and a half day to finish report cards and everything else (Yes, all we have is HALF a day! That's it! It still shocks me that we don't get any more time but what's one to do!) We were able to leave at 3 and I needed to be in a different town by 4 for our closing. We moved the next Saturday and it's felt like home since we've moved! Along with that our summer school classes start the next Monday School ends Friday and summer school starts Monday (talk about no break!) This is the second week of summer school and I'm already looking forward to the last day next Friday! I enjoy the laid back half days but I can't wait to sleep in and relax!

With my time off this summer I plan on posting and joining in on some fun linky parties! But this is all I have the energy for today. I believe I have figured out Bloglovin (fingers crossed!) as Google Reader will no longer be available as of July 1. I transfered over all the current blogs I follow and you can as well as long as it's BEFORE July 1!

Also, I have been a huge fan of Instagram the past couple of months. If you don't already follow me you can find me at @ivegotitmadeinsecondgrade I am up to about 350 followers which makes this newbie to the blog world very happy! I am hoping to do some sort of a giveaway once this little blog of mine reaches 100 followers so keep checking back!