Liebster Award

I am excited to share with you that I was nominated for my first blog award! When I first started this little blog I had high expectations for myself and realized over time, not to worry about the little things and just enjoy sharing my experiences in teaching with you all! So when I got an e-mail sharing that I was nominated I was slightly shocked and extremely excited! I was nominated by the lovely Cindy over at Mrs. Price's Kindergators! I wasn't quite sure all the steps I had to take in accepting this award but am pretty sure I am following all the guidelines! I wouldn't want to break any rules! 

To accept the nomination I must:
1. Link back to the blog that nominated me (check!)
2. Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers
3. Answer the questions posted for you by the nominator
4. Share 11 random facts about yourself
5. Create 11 questions for your nominees
6. Contact your nominees and let them know you nominated them

Well so far I have one thing checked off! 

My nominees include: 

 1. Autumn from First Grade Teacher Lady
2. Kayla from Meet Miss Parker

Answered Questions from my Nominator:
1. What is your favorite grade to teach?

This fall I will be entering my third year of teaching and my third year teaching second grade. I student taught in first grade so I have a little bit of experience teaching in a different grade level. I would have to say second grade is by far my favorite! I love this age of students because they are still very loving of everything you do and think school is awesome! Yet, they are gaining independence and show a tremendous amount of growth throughout the year!

2. What is your favorite time of year and why?

This question is probably one of the easiest for me! Fall without a doubt! Living in Wisconsin we get to experience all four seasons to their fullest. Sometimes all in the same week! I enjoy my summers off, however I do not enjoy the hot and humid weather! I could not live somewhere where the average temperature is higher than the mid 80's. Seeing 80+ in the forecast makes me cringe. My ideal temperature would be about 65-70 degrees! Some may call me crazy but I love the fall weather! I love seeing the leaves change colors and the smell of hot apple cider! 

3. What was your favorite trip you have ever taken?

I have taken a lot of trips! I feel very blessed for the experiences I had throughout my childhood. I was on a traveling synchronized skating team growing up and we traveled the nation! We also got the opportunity to travel to Milan, Italy and London, England! Nothing gets better than going on a vacation with 20 of your best friends doing something you love so much! I don't think I could choose between the two but they were definitely life changing experiences!

4. What was the last conference you attended?

Fortunately, I was able to go to the Sister's Daily 5/CAFE conference back in April with some of my colleagues. We began implementing the Daily 5 and CAFE when I first started and our administration was ever so nice to allow us to attend their conference! I highly recommend attending if they are in your area! 

5. What was the last book you read?

I recently ordered two books off of Amazon that I had seen floating around the blog world and Instagram. So I have not finished either but I have two on my to-finish list before the end of the summer! The two books are "The Book Whisperer" and "Teach Like a Pirate". 

6. How do you relax during the school year?

Wow! That's a good question. I'm not sure "relax" and "school year" go together much. However, it is important to find time to get away from the teaching world once and awhile. I have an adorable puppy named Murphy who creates plenty of fun and takes my mind off of the stress that comes with any school year. Also, I would have to say blogging! Reading about other peoples days and experiences is sort of relaxing and inspiring. It's what keeps me going some days! 

7. How long have you been blogging?

I started my blogging journey at the end of March, so about four months! 

8. Where did you go to college?

In Wisconsin, most colleges are named according to the city they are located. There are about 13 state colleges as well as other private colleges. So I'm assuming none of your unless you're from Wisconsin will recognize these schools. I started my freshman year off at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. I transferred my sophomore year to the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater where I graduated in 2010. 

9. What's is your favorite product off of Teachers Pay Teachers?

Ok, this is THE hardest question to ask me! I won't even share how many products I have purchased off of TPT. So to pick just one would be impossible. However, some of my favorites include Deana from Primary Punch's Math Movers. There are a total of 10 different ones (I have them ALL!). I believe she is planning on creating a bundled version if you have not purchased any of them yet I HIGHLY recommend them. 

Another favorite is, Sarah from First Grader at Last's Monthly Imagination Writing Prompts. She currently has January-May finished and is working on August-December! Great addition to any writing center!

My students loved Abby from The Inspired Apple's Candy Corn Bandit and Sweetheart Snatcher activities  These are adorable and perfect around Halloween and Valentine's Day! 

The list could go on and on and on. Maybe I'll do a post sometime about more of my favorites! 

10. Do you use a Smart Board in your classroom?

Yes and no. I have an interactive board in my classroom but it is not a "Smart Board". I have a Mimio. I am one of two classrooms in my school that has one of these. A few years ago, someone thought these were the rage and bought two. They then changed their mind and realized Smart Boards were the way to go. I wouldn't at all be sad if they got rid of my Mimio. It works but isn't as efficient as I would like. It runs off batteries that in my case run out all.the.time! 

11 Random Facts about Me
1. I am an only child, but often told that I show no signs of the "typical" only children. (I guess that's a good thing!)
2. My biggest fear is needles! Even hearing the word shoot or blood freaks me out! I have a very low pain tolerance and bruise like a peach! 
3. I used to HATE country until I went to Country USA and now I can't get enough! 
4. I refuse to have a soda before 10:00 a.m. I am a fan of Diet Mountain Dew but if I am craving one, I make myself wait until after 10:00.
5. I was a part of Team USA in synchronized skating. It's not an Olympic sport yet but was able to compete internationally! 
6. I graduated Magna Cum Laude and was president of Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honors Society in Education. 
7. I enjoy laminating and cutting out laminating. I am kind of picky and don't let many others do it for me. 
8. Lately I have an obsession for anything chevron. It's very hard to pass up anything I see with a chevron print! 
9. I talk to my dog like he's a baby in cute little voices that probably drive him crazy! 
10. I prefer to not wear shoes! After my students leave I usually take my shoes off while I work in my classroom. Sometimes I walk through the school without shoes on and students that are still around in after-school study hall question why I am not wearing shoes. 
11. One of my favorite dance songs is the Cupid Shuffle! I will be the first one to start dancing when that song comes on. I even try to do the dance in the car!

My Questions for my Nominees
1. How long have you been teaching for?
2. If you could trade places with any famous person for the day, who would it be and why?
3. What's your favorite time of the school year? 
4. What are some of your favorite blogs?
5. What is your all time favorite store to shop at?
6. If you could only watch one T.V. show for the rest of your life, what would it be?
7. What is your favorite subject to teach and why?
8. What is your greatest accomplishment? 
9. What is your favorite form of social media? (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter)
10. What is your favorite organizational tool to help you stay organized through a busy school year?
11. What is the reason you decide to become a teacher? 

Whew! I think I made it! I had a lot of fun posting and share some information about myself. I hope you enjoyed reading! Good night and I'm hoping for another post tomorrow. Two days in a row?!? Call me crazy! 


Favorite Pins Friday

Happy Friday! One thing about summer blogging that I am loving is all the fun linky parties that are happening!  I am linking up with Cara from The First Grade Parade tonight to share some of my favorite Pinterest Pins! Sometimes I wonder where anyone ever got ideas before Pinterest! I have many boards and will share a few of my favorite pins from some of my favorite boards!

Classroom Pins:
One thing that hasn't worked for me the way I've wanted is how I handle classroom jobs. I am excited to do something similar to this idea that was posted by T is for Teaching

Since I began teaching two years ago, my school jumped on the Daily Five train and have loved the independence our students demonstrate throughout the year. This year I am going to give the Daily Five Math a try! Dots and Spots has a great post about how she handles Math Workshop in her classroom. 

My word wall is also in much need of an update. I am so excited to try to idea from the wonderful Ashleigh at Ashleigh's Education Journey

If anyone has suggestions on where to find adorable ribbon like this please let me know! I've searched Hobby Lobby AND Michael's and was not impressed by their selection. Don't get me wrong. I am a HUGE fan of both stores but when looking for a variety of different kinds I didn't see more than two I loved. 

House Pins:
Almost a month ago my boyfriend and I bought our first house together! We were very fortunate to find a newer home that needed little to no updates. However, we have been looking to add our own little touches to make it feel more like us!

I love how this refrigerator door looks! Not too cluttered! I also love how they tied in colors to fit the overall look of the kitchen! 

Each week we sit down and plan out a menu. We write it on scrap paper and attach it to the fridge. This idea would definitely make our weekly menus have a whole new look to them! With a frame, some scrapbook paper and some letters this would be a simple craft! 

Wedding (Someday) Pins:
Although there is no ring yet, a wedding will be in my future someday and what better place to start planning than Pinterest. This has to be one of my biggest boards when it comes to collecting ideas. 

This organization makes every teacher happy! I feel like with all the stresses that come from planning a wedding this is one thing I could do to ensure that the set up goes smoothly! 

This pin came from but is now showing up as page not found!

I loved this idea for decorating the bathroom and adding a little color! I loved it so much as I was looking through my board I noticed I posted it twice!

That's all I have for tonight! I will be back next week with some more of my favorite finds! The boyfriend is at a Brewer's game tonight with some friends so it's just me and the pup! Hope ya'll have a great weekend!