Currently April

Listening: For Easter, my adorable teddy bear puppy (whose first birthday is quickly approaching) got TWO Easter baskets filled with all kinds of goodies! One of his favorites is a squeaky caterpillar! 

Loving: I definitely enjoyed having Friday and Monday off to enjoy some time with my family and catching up on some cleaning around the apartment!

Thinking: Unfortunately my school district does not have the luxury of a real spring break. They actually call it a Spring Recess. We only have off Friday and Monday, so it's really only an extended weekend. I guess I'll take what I can get!

Wanting: On Monday, we got the call that our offer was accepted on our dream first home! We went from meeting with a lender, to house hunting, to putting in an offer within three days! We were a little scared and unsure of the whole process but couldn't be more excited to have a yard as well as so many other things!

Needing: Thursday afternoon we had time to work on third quarter report cards. However, most of my time was spent in different meetings and cleaning. Therefore, I still have to find some time to finish them up before they are due! 

Advice: This is advice that I even need to listen to! I think too often we try so hard to be perfect and set such high standards for ourselves!

I know I didn't quite get around to my post that I had promised but the house thing has kind of consumed our thoughts this past week! I promise to post sometime this week with a little more about myself! I am rather proud that I was able to manage this Currently as my second post!


  1. Congratulations on your new home! That's such a great feeling!! You have some fun months ahead of planning!!!

    I'm sorry you only have a spring recess. :O( Not so fun. But you're right, at least you get something!! :O)

    It's good to meet you!!
    Collaboration Cuties

  2. Hi Jenna! Just stopped by to visit. Congrats on the new house!

    The Teaching Twosome

  3. Oh man! I hate that you don't have a spring break! Love your quote!

    Swimming into Second

  4. Congrats on the new exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Love your advice. How true it is! No one is perfect and I would be less stressed if I remembered that I don't need to be perfect! :)

    Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten

  5. Congratulations on your first house, Jenna! :) Let the decorating begin!! I really love your advice--such a great reminder for all areas of life!

    I'm so excited that you've joined the bloggy world and can't wait to hear more of your great ideas!!

    Little Miss Primary

  6. Congrats on your new home - how exciting! Just found you through Farley's linky - I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog

  7. Good luck with your new home! We just bought ours last year and it's such an exciting time!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  8. Congrats on the new home and your first currently. Both very memorable :)
    My Second Sense

  9. Congrats on your new home-there is nothing better!

    Love your advice! This year has been brutal with our kiddos expecting perfection from themselves. We've had numerous lectures about how it's ok not to get something right the first time and to work at something before you're successful at it! A concept that our society has taught our children not to accept and how they always need to be right=perfect. Yuck.

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  10. I really like your advice also. Simple and practical!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  11. A new home and a new blog! How exciting!! Here's hoping your move-in goes as smoothly as silk. Drop by my blog when you get a chance.